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We are a group of Skagitonians who have a concern about gun violence in this country and are searching for ways to impact the legislative and cultural process in order to bring more safety and sanity to gun use and availability.

Our purpose is as follows:

1.    Maintain a visible presence in Skagit County through our monthly actions, signs, flyers, social media, press and other organizations.

2.    Be a respectful presence advocating open and reasonable discussion on a volatile topic.

3.    Use this presence to inform fellow citizens of ways that they may partake and have their voices heard regarding issues of gun safety in the home, school, workplace and in public spaces.

4.    Provide information we have available from reliable sources regarding gun violence, mental health research, and the legislative process.

5.    Adopt campaigns, petitions, or causes of the larger umbrella groups that we support:,,,,,

6.    Build our membership through various means to make a stronger impact in our area.

We do support:

Second amendment rights, background checks on all gun sales and better government oversight of gun shops. We also support better methods of sharing information among law enforcement agencies and social service agencies. This entails better funding for research into the root causes of increased gun violence including mental health, domestic violence, suicide, and law enforcement.

If interested in joining or asking questions our contact is:

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