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Explore what the Alliance is  and how to participate or donate to further the cause by clicking on the logo above.


Back in 2015 after Safe and Sane Skagit was formed we realized that we would have more impact if we aligned ourselves with a bigger and more visible entity. One that shared our vision and our goals as outlined in our Mission Statement.   At that time we looked at the various organizations that had formed throughout the country in response to the gun violence that we all wanted to put a stop to. This investigation included all the notable and worthy groups that were in operation at that time on a national level including, Brady UnitedGiffords, Moms Demand Action, Everytown and on a state level the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and WashingtonCeasefire, both based in Seattle. After serious consideration and discussion our group approached The Alliance for Gun Responsibility to let them know who we were and to see if we could become a chapter of the organization and put our growing membership to service for the agendas that the Alliance. The boots on the ground so to speak. This has been a most fruitful partnership for both groups. They provide us with the information and  direction to go forward and present the gun responsibility mission in our local community and to be a force in lobbying and promoting the legislative agenda that serves our larger population. Safe and Sane Skagit has been able to be a force in the legislative process because of the Alliance.

More than 800 people attended the 2023 Alliance annual fundraising luncheon which raised more than $950,000 to enable the Alliance to continue their life-saving work. The SaSS table of nine people, plus three additional people who donated but could not attend, raised over $6,000. Last year we raised $5700 at this event.


A five-minute video of Seattle area student protests shown at the Alliance Luncheon in April.  Click on the photo below...

2017 The Safe and Sane Skagit members lobby at the capital in Olympia with the support of The Alliance for Gun Responsibility
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